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We work in partnership and collaboration with world-class talent,..... people who are able to develop and implement concise, effective, and imaginative outcomes.
Mary Jane Edleson
Mary Jane Edleson is a thought leader in the fields of art, culture, tourism, communications and the environment. She recently established the Amertha Art & Living programs, providing a creative environment for the experience and development of a variety of art forms. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree, and has completed post graduate studies in Southeast Asian culture. Well known for her innovative approaches and unique perspectives, she provides sound insights on strategy.

Lee Foster
Lee Foster is an award-winning destination travel writer and photographer. 

He was named Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of the Year, Silver Winner, by the Society of American Travel Writers Foundation. He has also won six other individual Lowell Thomas Awards for his content. 

Lee publishes actively in major magazines, newspapers, and travel guidebooks. He provides our projects media analysis, creative insight, and editorial oversight.

More details on his extensive travel stock photos  and editorial content can be found at

Other  Associates.....industry experts representing various functional expertise, depending on project needs. Located in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, France, Italy,  China, Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore.